I Really, Really Need an Actual Blog

I’ve been thinking vaguely about starting a blog for several months. I’ve been thinking seriously about starting a blog for several weeks. It’s time to start.

Last month my friend Jenny mentioned that she, too, planned to start a blog, so we served as each other’s sounding boards as we pondered our latest projects. Or, should I say, as I continued to think about mine even as she launched hers (wherearethebonbons.com) and has already published several posts.

Meanwhile, my blog is named, the domain name has been purchased, my kids have been issued aliases (Sonny and Ace), and I have many ideas—yet here I sit, pondering the importance of perfect graphics and what would make a killer introductory post and when do I have time to write a blog post because oh, for example, as I write this, Ace is climbing all over me, panting like a puppy because he has decided that today he is a puppy. Now he is licking my elbow, because puppies lick people. Seriously, how can I write a blog when I don’t even have use of my arm because my child is licking it?

Last night I was reading Sonny and Ace their new library book, I Really Really Need Actual Ice Skates, in which a little girl named Lola is sure that she (really really) needs ice skates. Her brother, Charlie, points out that she also had really, really needed a guitar and yo-yo, both of which now languish on her closet floor. Lola’s dad warned her not to let her new ice skates end up in the closet.

I have a similar metaphorical closet cluttered not with items I’ve lost interest in but with project ideas that I’ve not (yet!) gotten around to starting. Guest room curtains. A window shade for the kids’ bathroom. A painting course from Udemy.com.

I don’t want my blog to join the clutter in that closet, so here I go. I’m starting. Welcome to my blog.


5 thoughts on “I Really, Really Need an Actual Blog

  1. It’s a good thing your new friend nagged you about uncluttering that closet by starting this blog because I’m hooked. I can’t wait to read more. Wonderfully written. I just hope your little puppy doesn’t make any puddles for you to clean up.

  2. I’ll be sure to follow you on WP or your new website.

    Format to me is a petty detail. Always saying I need to clean mine up and make the photos ga-ga-gorgeous and then it all overwhelms me so I just keep the plain WP post style.

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